Most of my friends find it hard to juggle school, be in a fraternity and maintain a healthful lifestyle . With the support of The Berman Group, I've been able to lose 60 pounds and keep it off.

John, Age 20

True Wellness- Can you find the balance within?

March 5, 2012  |  Leave a Comment

March is National Nutrition Month, not only should the focus be on the basics of healthy eating but overall wellness . Wellness is self directed and individualized therefore it does not have one meaning. Each person has their own set of goals they would like to achieve, with true wellness it can be done.
I came across the concept of the wellness wheel which demonstrates that if one can achieve harmonious balance between all aspects of their life true wellness and good health are not far behind. The six dimensions of the wellness wheel are physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and occupational . Here are more details on each of the dimensions and how you can achieve balance and make life more enjoyable and stress free one step at a time.
• Physical wellness has to do with taking care of your body through nutritious eating and exercise.
• Intellectual wellness focuses on mentally engaging your mind throughout the day. This can be achieved by learning something new everyday. Try reading or researching a topic that interests you.
• Emotional wellness focuses on you. In today’s society most people do not take the time for this. Having a sense of self and identifying what your current needs are.
• Social wellness has to do with getting involved in the society around you. By helping out at a local charity for kids you can help enhance your social well-being.
• Spiritual wellness focuses on connecting mind and body. This is commonly done in our society through meditation and yoga. But it is important to find a way that works for you.
• Occupational wellness concentrates on helping one another in the work environment accomplish career driven goals such as working on your strengths. It is important to be able to make the best of your career and make it enjoyable in anyway possible.


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