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Jackie, Age 62

How to focus on healthful eating and activity when fighting the winter blues?

March 5, 2015  |  Leave a Comment

It is really hard to focus on healthful eating and activity during this brutal winter. However I find shifting goals imperative to help conquer this perceived monumental task. With activity we experience a rush of endorphins and a rise in serotonin, moving our bodies is overtly a mood lifter. So how is this accomplished when we do not seem to be able to get to the gym as often as we like because of the weather? Turn up the radio, dance for 20 -25 minutes or purchase a DVD that only runs for 25 minutes but provides you with a great workout. You can also map out a course in your house and walk it while listening to music . Find something you like to do and aim to move your body at least 4 x a week.
Since we are stuck in more LETS COOK MORE, cook more weigh less. A recent study found that people who made dinner 6 or 7 nights a week ate an average of 137 fewer calories, 3 g less fat, and 16 g less sugar DAILY than those who cooked once weekly or not at all. This is not a shock, restaurant portions are supersized, carb packed, loaded with sodium and fat. Those who cook more often also ate fewer calories when they did dine out indicating healthy habits do carry over. The savings daily of calories adds up at the end of the week and Bam you have a weight loss. With healthful eating and activity the winter blues can be a distant memory and remember spring is around the corner :)