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Healthy Energy Bars

June 8, 2012  |  Leave a Comment

Do you want a snack that is satisfying? I came across a list of bars in FITNESS magazine . If you are looking for a great tasting bar to give you energy and sustain you, try these. 

1. Luna Bar Chocolate Dipped Coconut– This 70% organic bar tastes like a Samoa Girl Scout cookie and contains 1,000 mg of calcium per bar, plus vitamin D!

2. Clif Crunch Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bar– This bar has a great crunchy texture, try adding it over Greek Yogurt and fruit for breakfast.

3. Balance Bar Bare Blueberry Acai-This bar contains 15 grams of protein! It is perfect for post workout refueling.

4. Thinkthin Crunch Fruit & Nut Cranberry Apple & Mixed Nuts-This gluten -free bar contains half the sugar and twice the amount of protein as most fruit and nut bars.

5. Corazonas Blueberry Oatmeal Squares-If you like baked goods you should try this one. This bar contains natural plant sterols, and 17 grams of whole grains which both lower cholesterol!

6. Pure Naturals Peanut- Raisin Crunch Bar-If you are in the mood for both a salty and sweet snack this bar is for you!

7. Rise Raspberry- Pomegranate Energy+ Bar– A nice fruity consistency very similar to a  Fig Newton. It is also gluten, dairy, soy and peanut free.

8. Kind Fruit & Nut Delight Mini-This bar has four kinds of nuts in it and will keep you going.

Looking on your own try these tips:

• Check the label to ensure it is not calorically dense choose one with 200 calories or less.
• Look at the protein, fiber and fat content. Choosing a bar with a combo of all three will help keep you more satisfied. In regards to fat content, choose a bar that has minimal saturated fat
(no more than 2 grams per serving).
• Check for sugar- some bars have a very high sugar content. Try to keep under 12 grams.

Keep one with you at work or in your gym bag for a satisfying bite.

Don’t see one on the list that you have tried and thought was great? Give us your input!